About us

Family mediation helps resolve disputes

Family mediation helps resolve conflict in divorce and paternity related issues, thus avoiding long and expensive court battles.  Kathryn is here to help you resolve your disputes in these areas:
  • initial divorce
  • modification
  • child support
  • custody
  • alimony
  • asset division
  • paternity

You and your spouse share the cost of our fees. Most clients split the cost equally, but you and your spouse may choose how to share the fees.

Both spouses must participate in family mediation

Mediation is voluntary; in other words, you make your own decisions. Even if the court ordered you to attempt mediation, you still control over what you agree to.  The best results occur when both spouses fully participate. 

In mediation, you and your spouse work through the common issues that must be settled for a Florida divorce. Also, Kathryn will help you identify and settle marital and family issues that are unique to you and your family. She is knowledgeable about Florida divorce, and she will provide a road map and help you navigate.


Services offered are for mediation services only. Kathryn Huffer is not a licensed attorney; therefore, she does not give legal advice or perform the duties of an attorney. A mediator is ethically bound to be neutral and may not act as an advocate or attorney for either party.

Information on this site is not advice of any kind, legal, tax, financial or otherwise. It is provided for your educational and informational purposes only. For legal advice, you should consult with a licensed attorney. For tax or other advice you should consult with an appropriately licensed individual.

The outcome of your family mediation is up to you

 Family mediation can help you reach an agreement you both feel is fair, so that you both can be comfortable with the results.  We never pressure or force anyone into an agreement.

In mediation, you work through many tough areas. Sometimes spouses just do not know how to talk about the issues, and communication gets stalled or even hostile.  Kathryn helps buffer the emotions, helping you maintain civil communication during your family mediation sessions.  This often leads to creative solutions for the issues.

You are not required to hire an attorney, but you always have that right

You may always have an attorney of your choice review your agreement before you sign it.  If you choose to retain an attorney to represent you, he or she is always welcome in your mediation sessions.